Living From Your Higher Self: What is this program about?

We are all meant to live extraordinary lives. Yet life can be complicated, now more so than ever, and often we are left searching. But searching for what?

We are searching for what we know we are capable of. Perhaps we are stuck in a dilemma between our commitments to an ‘old’ life and the taste of a possible future calling our heart and soul. For this version of ourselves that we are longing for deep inside. Many people have experienced a heart-opening glimpse of their Higher or True Self. Now they are looking for a way to come home to themselves and live from that state permanently. That is why we offer this transformational journey.

In this program you will experience life-changing events and deep consciousness-altering modalities from beginning to end. Through a unique breathwork sequence and transformation processes in an intimate, safe space, you will discover how to transcend your limited reality in order to access your Higher Self and begin living your life constantly from that level.

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Living From Your Higher Self

– DeHoorneboeg /NL –

June 10 – 14, 2023 (residential workshop)
31 May – 12 July 2023 (program)

This intensive four-day personal growth residential workshop, embedded in a six-week program, is designed for achievers seeking true fulfilment. It offers transformative insights and skills, guiding you to discover and live from your Higher Self. All empower you to clarify your personal life-vision, legacy and contribution to the world and nurture a sustainable inner peace.

We bring the Energy of
Ibiza to the Netherlands


We bring the energy of Ibiza to the North, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The special energy is all about connection, inner freedom, love, community, high vibration and opening our hearts and minds to empower ourselves and each other in our uniqueness.

We chose an incredible retreat place for you, please visit it here. Dehoorneboeg offers stunning nature, a loving atmosphere and a sustainable concept of amazing local organic produce, serving Italian Vegetarian cuisine. We will be spoiled! Plus we just love the style.

Have you seen the feature in Happinez magazine? We cannot wait to welcome you here for part 2!

Photo credit: De Hoorneboeg

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What you will take out if it

  • A sense of full aliveness, connection and clarity in all areas of your life
  • The ability to embody your true purpose and Higher Self
  • A profound understanding of life from your soul´s perspective
  • Knowledge of how to show up as your best possible you in everyday life
  • A new, uplifting vision of your life for the next 10-20 years to come
  • Immediate enhancement of life energy, strength, vitality, lust and creativity
  • Clarity about your contribution and legacy to the world
  • Increased presence, inner peace and connection with your passions and drives
  • A connected community whose members take 100% responsibility for their own life creations and where awakened people empower each other.
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Photo credit: De Hoorneboeg

Daily workshop schedule (example)

07:45 – 08:30 morning program (meditation/mindfulness/movement)
08:30 – 10:00 nourishing breakfast (vegetarian/vegan)
10:00 – 13:30 mid-morning group session
13:30 – 14:15 lunch (vegetarian/vegan)
14:15 – 16:00 break (time to enjoy pool or beach; optional 1:1 sessions)
16:00 – 20:00 afternoon group session
20:00 – 21:00 dinner (vegetarian/vegan)
21:00 – 22:30 evening group session (deepening/gathering/integration)

The 3 key ingredients that make this program so unique

People who attended world class events which have transformed 10.000´s in big arenas, like Tony Robbins awesome “Unleash the Power Within” or “Date with Destiny”, come to us and say that they now found the additional inner depth, their solid soul´s connection to life and thus achieve lasting change from the heart after one of our workshops.

And those who have had elevating and transcendent experiences in ceremonies take away the skill to journey high in everyday flow of life while putting their soul´s purpose into action and contributing to a better world – combining the outer world and their inner spiritual path successfully.

Leading-Edge Personal Growth Techniques

This personal mastery program includes the most effective techniques in mental, somatic and spiritual coaching. It is designed for people who are ready to take full responsibility, apply these highly effective self-leadership and mind-set tools and become the true creators of their lives.

Applied Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit-Connection

We each have a unique storyline to unfold to help us grow and learn specific life lessons. In there our deepest wounds – trauma, heartbreak, pain, burnout, depression – are actually an entrance to our highest power. So are our biggest highs in life. When we break through our core life pattern we can understand why everything had to happen in the way it did and see our lives from our soul´s higher perspective.

The Energy of

Ibiza, the White Island where magic happens, is a sacred high-energy spot. The hippie dream is still alive and it has evolved into a bohemian subculture dedicated to inner freedom, spirituality, celebration, ceremony, healing and naturally ecstatic and mystical experiences.

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Who is it for?

Living From Your Higher Self is for achievers who want to unlock the key to true fulfilment and connection with their life’s higher purpose. It is for Ibiza lovers and for those who have created a wonderful life yet still feel that something is missing. This program is designed for those who have already experienced coaching, mindfulness, meditation or personal growth activities and now want a sustainable breakthrough to an enhanced version of their lives.

In this program you will experience life-changing events and deep consciousness-altering modalities from beginning to end. Through a unique breathwork sequence and transformation processes in an intimate, safe space, you will discover how to transcend your limited reality in order to access your Higher Self and begin living your life constantly from that level.

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€ 8.700 € 5.720 (or € 2.860 p.P.)

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How to enroll

Our two-step application ensures that you are capable of getting the best from this program.

Step 1: Please enter your contact details by clicking on the button below. You will then receive a questionnaire with 8 questions to fill out.

Step 2: If the program is suitable for you, we will schedule a 20-minute strategy call via Zoom.

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“This is what we all need. This is what is missing for most peoples´ lives. So thank you Taya and Till for the amazing work you have been doing!”

Dr. Jans Olde Wolbers, Ibiza/Spain , Chiropractor

“Everything feels different, I want things different. There’s a big change and shift in me. I make a lot of new decisions, especially in my company but also in my relationships.”

Issa Issa, Ibiza/Spain, Entrepreneur

“I had quite some workshops before but this one ranks amongst the highest ones.”

Raymond Dommanschedt, Amsterdam/NL – , Entrepreneur & Retreat Centre Directorate

“I have done many workshops over the years, I have been at Anthony Robbins a couple of times, I have done Jim Rohn, Sadh Guru, I have had lots of different workshops but this one will have a massive, massive change on my life.”

Steve Davies, Dublin/Ireland , Entrepreneur

“Body, soul and mind are affected equally, enabling a holistic development of our potential.“

Hubert Leiss, Munich, Entrepreneur

The ‘space’ created by the seminar allows the unfolding of creativity’s full potential.“

Diana T, Germany, HR Manager