The Vision

Our vision is of a world where we all keep on becoming and expressing the best of ourselves from within. Where we unlock our profound potential, grow beyond our learned limitations and connect to the best, most loving, potent, divine and evolved version of ourselves. This Higher version of Self is what we are destined to become. Embodied by each one of us, it will ultimately transform the world into a better place.

The Purpose

Our purpose is to empower people who want to create the best for themselves and the world to grow beyond ego conditioning and access their Higher Self.

Our mission is to bring you into alignment with this full experience of your soul and enable you to embody it every day within your life, relationships and career path. In this way, each of us creates the solid foundations of a brighter world.

The How

We do this by facilitating:

  • the awakening to your full possibility of life
  • the clearing of what no longer serves you
  • the level up to a profoundly joyful, meaningful and sustainable way of living.

The What

We guide you to embody your Higher Self through a range of personal growth and self-healing formats including personal mastery programs, multi-day residential workshops, online events and 1:1 coaching.

Our unique approach combines the most effective tools and principles from Integral Coaching & Training, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Energy Work, Grinberg Method, Pantarei Approach, Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology, NLP, Mysticism, Leadership (Self- & Soul Leadership), Presence and Meditation Practice.

“This Higher version of Self is what we are destined to become. Embodied by each one of us, it will ultimately transform the world into a better place.”

Dr Till Noethel – the man who sees

As a transformational coach, workshop leader and speaker Dr Till has empowered thousands of people to reach new levels of self-leadership and embody their Higher Self in everyday life. He sees deeply into people’s hearts and souls, discovering their strongest pain and highest joy, and uniting their unique qualities associated with both to a new level of purposeful living.

With three decades of professional experience, he combines 15 years of a successful results-oriented approach in blue-chip companies with 15 years of applied awareness, mindfulness and awakening training.

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TAYA – the woman with the key

The essence of magic can be felt when working with Taya. Why? Because there is an element of the unexplainable about her results. Clients are often taken aback by such rapid transformation and many comment that, after years of searching, they have finally found the woman with the key. Taya’s unique approach combines many years of spiritual practice with coaching, mindfulness, breathwork and energy work. Trained and certified in the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach, she empowers clients to transform at every level.

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