Ibiza Coaching

Living the best, most loving, potent, divine and evolved version of yourself definitely includes spending plenty of time at your dream location. This is why we have chosen to live in Ibiza.

Ibiza, the white island where magic happens is a sacred, high energy spot. The hippy dream is still alive and it has evolved to a BOHO subculture dedicated to (inner) freedom, spirituality, celebration, healing, natural ecstatic and mystical experiences as a life style and path. The island is magnetic, wild and free. She will support your individual coaching and transformation process as the truth simply surfaces faster.

Please choose from our various coaching offers and contact us to discuss individual arrangements.

Till’s Diamond Coaching Day

This is a full day about you, you, you and what you want to change for the better in life. You pick up to 3 hot results you most urgently want to achieve and we will work on them throughout the day. We will create a powerful, higher state of consciousness in you, ideal to receive your deepest coaching processes.

We will be transforming, talking, walking and – depending on your case and wishes – will integrate a somatic coaching session with TAYA.

Experience a day to remember a lifetime, with deep listening, life changing insights and powerful transformation.

Head coach: Dr Till

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Taya´s Diamond Somatic Mentoring

Do you have this aching feeling inside telling you that you are not fully living your potential – and it really hurts? Sometimes it needs to hurt or call you loud enough to go all in! If this is you, here is your program you have been looking for!

The full-presence 3-12 months customized 1:1 program is a somatic mentoring, coaching training to show up in your life fully. Are you looking for someone who really sees your full power and what you are meant to do with this period of your life? Are you at a crossroads, ready for deep change and willing to face what it takes? Experience a unique opportunity to grow beyond limits and evolve from the inside out. This tailored program is specially designed to suit you – your pace, your needs, your wishes, your way. Embody who you truly are. In your business, purpose and relationships. Feel alive and aligned like never before.

If you have not worked with Taya before, you can have a full morning to get to connect and create the first shift towards your goal. After this you will train in weekly 4 hour morning sessions in person or live on Zoom to continue to create fully engaged fast results.

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“Taya is among the best 10% of all practitioners I’ve worked with in the past 40 years around the globe.”

Anthony Abbagnano, Ubud/Bali, Owner and Founder of The Ark

“It is pioneers like you, Till, who create the breakthroughs that lift our cultures and nations to new levels.”

Martin Sage, Austin/Texas , Founder of Sage University

“It just took that one session with Taya to instantly feel and experience that this was a transformational process of healing and growth for me.  Her sessions need to be experienced more than stated in words as they are fully personalised to one’s specific needs. She connects with your body, mind and soul in a way that brings transformation, expansion and insights.”

Sabinije von Gaffke, Stockholm/Sweden , Moderator - TV Journalist, Speaker

“The transformation that Taya was capable of inspiring in me in our first session was truly remarkable. She effortlessly coached me back to my natural self and helped me to re- discover my true calling in life (yes, it was that simple :). Taya then coached me to access the inner wisdom and strength I would need to put my calling into action and worked precisely on my body to help release the blocks and obstacles that may have been holding me back from achieving my goals over the years.”

Claudia Jones, Ibiza/Spain , Founding Director

“I was very touched by the work with Till. He looked deeply into my heart like no one before and discovered my pain and the unique quality associated with it. The combination of his soul coaching is unique: It is bridging soul spirit with practical application in business.”

Dylan Watts, Berlin/Germany , Founder of the Jaro-People Growers

“I feel sooooo much stronger about my OWN purpose and it’s getting stronger everyday.  I’m flying, and that’s the difference that you have made. To make me realize that I don’t have to rely on anyone so that I can strive, I am doing it all by myself!”

Lynne Paddon, Ibiza/Spain, Deep Diving & Yoga-Retreats facilitator

“Taya’s work is unique and crafted not only from her expertise – yet also from the depth of love she holds for humanity. Highly affective for helping me to release stress, and old family pain, her work has been instrumental in me feeling empowered to reclaim parts of myself, heal, and move forward with newfound strength and confidence.”

Dr. Amy Rachelle, N.D., New York / Bali / Italy , Holistic Nutrition & Detox education & retreats

“That was the most amazing experience… I felt such huge release and like my soul was having a ‘clear out!’ and then very calm & focused – and was vibrating really highly on an energetic level. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life. Everyone around me tells me I am a different person, AND I feel it myself. I am so much ‘lighter’ – I am just so much more!”

Sarah Oliver, Ibiza/Spain, Business Manager

“Till Noethel is a coach willing to say less and listen more, with great results. Paying careful attention to the energy and intent behind my words he was able to elicit more clarity from me about my work. In a matter of hours Till delivered lasting change, that I benefit from in my own work until now.“  

Mo Riddiford, Berlin/Germany , Communication Coach

“…I saw several other clients coming out of her sessions a million pounds lighter, absolutely glowing. Long story short: it’s amazing. I feel physical shifts in my body as well as a new way of seeing the world. I’d like to put it as an almost surgical way of reprogramming yourself with great precision and amazing results…”

Annemieke Boschma, Amsterdam/NL , Advertising & Film