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Living your purpose definitely includes choosing your dream location. We have entered amazing times, where technology and the evolution of work life have given us the freedom to choose where we live, allowing us to pursue a level of self-actualization no generation before us has known.

For me Ibiza is the place I am deeply connected with, so this is where I choose to live. On Ibiza I am surrounded by wonderful people wherever I go, I can listen to my favourite electronic music and be inspired by the amazing energy and light this island offers freely; an energy and light that you too can plug into. From, and in, this paradise location I serve and coach people like you; people who are ready to step out and make a difference, for themselves and the world.


I welcome you to come, experience this powerful place for yourself and truly benefit from 1:1 Coaching sessions with me and other members of the SoulPilot team, like Tatjana, who coaches somatically based on the Pantarei Approach.

Whether you are already planning to visit the white island, or want to book a purposeful trip to Ibiza, now is the time to take action. With clear guidance and practical steps we’ll help rid you of some old ‘stuff’ and enter the ‘new’ already waiting as your potential.

This is how many people like to work with us on Ibiza:


Bring the current topic of concern in your life and in a 90 minutes coaching session you will get deep insights and up to 3 concrete, individual actions steps that will change your situation to the good – quickly.

Headcoach: Till



This Coaching package is designed for people with a business and/or purpose topic to be addressed: You might want to reach out for a new vision and strategy in your business, improve your self leadership, lead others more effectively or grow on a personal side for a more fulfilled life. We will meet for 5 sessions at an average length of 120 minutes.

Headcoach: Till



This is a full day about you, you, you and what you want to change for the better in life. You pick up to 3 hot results you most urgently want to achieve and we will work on them throughout the day. We will create a powerful, higher state of consciousness in you, ideal to receive your deepest coaching processes.  We will be transforming, talking, walking and – depending on your case and wishes – will integrate a somatic coaching session with Tatjana.

Experience a day to remember a lifetime, with deep listening, life changing insights and powerful transformation.

Headcoach: Till



If you come as you are and want to leave as you best possibly can be, this is the ultimate format to go with. Body, mind, emotions and spirit will be synchronised in a unique and intense transformation process. Through the days you will receive a customized mixture of mental & somatic coaching, massage, meditation & yoga that will make you feel like new.

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But, unlike any detox program, this feeling new will last as we will work on your base: attitudes, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs that stop you from living who you fully can be. You will be surrounded by love and decisive clarity and we will teach you how to bring both into your life. The intensive is for the brave ones who are up for a lasting change in life.

Every day allow 3 hours of sessions (from 10am – 1pm) which gives you the rest of the day to process, transform, relax, go dancing or simply enjoy being on beautiful Ibiza.

Headcoach: Till



Focusing on the fulfilment and success to be gained in choosing meaningful business this intensive process taps into your full body potential; learning how to use all your physical resources, directing energy in a way that will allow you to feel, speak, connect, think and even love at your best, with freedom and passion. During the process you will learn not only how to stop automatic patterns and dissolve blockages but ultimately how to transform fear and pain.

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This 3 day intensive one-on-one process consists of 1-2 daily somatic sessions and optional tailor-made self-training exercises, as well as plenty of leisure time to swim in the Ibiza sea, enjoy nature and meditate – a refreshing and great way to integrate the work.

Headcoach: Tatjana



This intensive individual training is for anyone who works with people, like Coaches, Therapists, Shamans, Workshop Leaders and Teachers. Maybe you already have a meaningful business with great visions, but reaching your clients on the most personal levels is proving a challenge? Perhaps you are not as fulfilled and touched by working with people as you could be or used to be? This may be the inspiration injection you need.

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Consisting of 1-2 daily individual sessions for 3 days in a row, plus a self-training program with exercises to integrate into your work, as well as teach to your clients, we look at the next level in depth and intensity in terms of self-development – the art of fulfilment through the body.

This somatic coaching training will upgrade your business by teaching you to build community, create meaningful connection, feel the love for your mission, and raise the level of full-body consciousness in yourself and your clients to its maximum.  Work from there and enjoy the amazing results!

Headcoach: Tatjana


Please enquire if you would like to discuss a tailor-made package to suit your personal needs.

In any case we offer a cost free, 15 minute orientation call on the phone about your special topics and needs. Please contact us via:

e-mail: ibiza@soulpilot.org
phone / WhatsApp: +49 172 9690095

All of your coaching / somatic coaching sessions will take place in the Northeast of the island, nearby the Atzaró Agriculture Hotel.

Where to stay / Full Service Options

Once you have booked your package and reserved your flights, please find here some recommendations for accommodation:

•    Atzaro: www.atzaro.com
•    Can Curreu: cancurreu.com

Hip &  reasonably priced:
•    Can Skye: www.canskye.com – 10% for our clients!
•    Can Libelula: www.canlibelula.co.uk – Sleep in a clamping glas dome under the stars!
•    Greg’s BnB  +34 662 241 206

A reliable value-for-money source for rental cars is: www.doyouspain.com

Should it be required full concierge service / personal assistance can be arranged, for an additional charge, to take care of every detail of the trip for you.  Please let us know in advance and we will connect you with the relevant people.


You need more information? Please drop us a line

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