SoulPilot Trilogy

The SoulPilot trilogy is a holistic training program split into three modules. It will enable you to clarify the subject of your vocation directly from your very basis and will lead you up to concrete implementation steps.

  • Transformation & Integration

    1. Modul

  • Potential & Purpose

    2. Modul

  • Manifestation & Synchronisation

    3. Modul

In module 1 you will start with transforming and integrating stubborn patterns in your life – patterns we adhere to unconsciously, but which keep us from living up to our full potential. These are mostly old strategies which used to be effective in earlier times but have since turned into something that keep you from living a higher version of yourself. You will recognize these obstacles, reclaim your vitality and walk through the gates towards your true calling.

The 2nd module – Potential & Purpose – will bring you in contact with your unique potential, your calling – your mission in life. You will recognise your mission in life, and all the puzzle pieces of your being will come together to form a focussed unity. A new vision of life will arise out of your authentic self. This vision will be strengthened in a final initiation.

The 3rd module – Manifestation & Synchronization – focuses on helping you to gain mastery of your own purposeful action. Anything you have realised previously will only enrich your life and the lives of others once you are able to implement your insights. Therefore, these days will be devoted to developing and programming very concrete steps of action, resulting in your own path into your new life.

What your current topics and questions could be:

  • I am driven by the vague feeling of being able to give more than I am currently able to
  • I am looking for a (professional) task I can embrace wholly, with my entire strength and being.
  • I repeatedly come across seemingly similar obstacles in life
  • I know the feeling of inadequacy and shame and I feel as though I am holding back vital energy
  • I ask myself: What is my true purpose, and, connected to that, the higher meaning of my life?
  • Even though I have been exploring personal growth and spirituality for many years, I haven’t experienced the permanent fulfilment I am searching for
  • I have many ideas, but only rarely does anything actually happen
  • I do not really have any inspiring visions or goals in life.

Module 1 – Transformation & Integration: Your Obstacles – Your Gates – Your Way (4 days)

If we want to shape our lives anew, we are challenged to shape ourselves anew as well. This means, for example, breaking habits or examining obstacles with regards to their real content and meaning. These are precisely the magical moments in life, moments in which we succeed at outgrowing ourselves: like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, or a snake shedding its skin. These are times of great power but also of great vulnerability.


We strive towards a sustainable change in our lives and are often puzzled by the fact that this requires the readiness to let go of familiar habits, or to accept aspects of our personality we’d rather push away.

Module 1 offers a protective and nourishing framework for these processes: Here we can get in touch with the transforming and integrating forces that lie behind our obstacles. Nothing happens in vain. That is why we will also regularly practise awareness in order to complement the process of self-development.


If our growth is not happening successfully, it feels as though the following sensations are inevitable:

  •             We go two steps forward and one step back,
  •             We come up against the same logjams over and over again
  •             We simply cannot let go of old baggage
  •             We cannot understand the message behind symptoms
  •             We do not know how to follow the call of our soul.


In Module 1, we will learn to appreciate the blockages and obstacles that stand in the way of our personal growth.

Seminar Leader: Martin Böttcher

Module 2 – Potential & Purpose: Your Calling – Your Life – An Impulse of Creation (5 days)

In this module, the time will have come for you to come in contact with your unique potential, your calling. This calling does have an outer face (some call it dream job), but, more importantly, this is about the inner face: your essence, your deepest inner core.


We will go back to your earliest natural inclinations, your passions, and to those junctions in life where you didn’t take a certain road even though your inner voice said so. This is not an exercise of late regret but the goal is to recalibrate your inner compass and train your presence. You will learn to listen to this inner, intuitive voice and how to distinguish it from other sources of information that might sound similar. Furthermore, you will learn about the frameworks (world views, levels of consciousness) through which you perceive the world and how they shape your experience of it. You will contact high and subtle parts of your potential, and you will join all of it together to a more profound and more up-to-date version of your true self.


The result will be a new vision of life, sprung from the heart of your authentic self. This vision will be strengthened in a final initiation.


To support and integrate your knowledge on the physical level, we offer additional Grinberg sessions which can be booked with us.

Seminar Leader: Till Noethel

Module 3 – Manifestation & Synchronization: First Steps into Your New World (4 days)

You have come a long way, and you can clearly feel the change moving into your life. The third and final part of the trilogy – Manifestation & Synchronization – is about the professional implementation of your knowledge on the subject of your calling. The focus will be on achieving mastery of focused, purposeful action. You can only get to your heaven on earth if you spring into action!


For this, we will look at the details of your vision. We will find out which parts are already about to come into being and which parts are affected negatively by energetic obstacles. We will work with these obstacles until they dissolve, thus enabling you to become a credible incarnation of your own potential. You will create your own “Soulful Business Plan” in order to define the milestones of your new life, your vision, and the steps that will be necessary to implement your goals gradually. You will become familiar with internal, invisible, as well as external, openly perceptible lines of development with regards to yourself as a person and your relevant surroundings. Under guidance, and taking into account these insights, you will then determine which resources you already possess and are therefore available to you, which fields of development must be opened up, and, most importantly, how you can achieve both aspects.


The atmosphere in module 3 is high in energy and productive at the same time. We use the intelligence of the group for reality checks and give each other valuable and helpful feedback. The creativity of the space inspires and supports everyone in their personal implementation steps.


It is impressive to see how working with our awareness and business coaching come together in this final module.

 Seminar Leader: Till Noethel


Your benefits:

  • Experience strength and vitality once your life energy is allowed to flow freely because of your self-authentic alignment
  • An equally profound and loving realisation and knowledge of your true essence
  • Clarity and orientation in your being and actions, especially with regards to your professional actions
  • Identify and then free yourself from recurring patterns and limitations
  • Insight into your true dimension, your higher SELF and your true calling
  • Increased presence that will lead to inner peace and balance
  • Integration and initiation of your unique talents, your worldview, your passion and your purpose into a holistic expression of your person
  • You will receive a concrete and motivating life vision as well as the necessary tools to put this vision into practice.

This trilogy is intended for:

  • For all people interested in a holistic and sustainable lifestyle (LOHAS)
  • People who seek self-actualisation and who wish to connect their professional life with deeper meaning and values
  • People who feel the desire to let go of familiar and at the same time limiting habits
  • People who do not want to be held back (anymore) in their individual development by their own fears
  • People who want to address the issue of their true calling in a holistic manner
  • People who are already established in their professional fields but who wish to readjust their paths or even change tracks altogether
  • People who are looking for close guidance and support during their phase of implementing their insights and new knowledge
  • Business owners and managers for whom ethics is a serious concern beyond the confines of mere political correctness
  • People who seek a new orientation (for example people with burnout).

Precognition and aptitude:

  • You are open to meditation and subtle insight work
  • You are mentally and physically healthy – you are currently not in psychiatric treatment, nor are you on medication (if you have any questions concerning this, please contact us)
  • You take part in the seminar because you want to!
  • You will fully commit to participating in all three modules

This is what our participants say:

  • „A giant step on the journey to myself. Development and knowledge are conveyed in a sensitive, supportive manner. A true pilot on the voyage of the soul.“

    Kirsten T. Managing Director
  • „A sustainable initial spark for direction in life“  

    Thomas D. Rolfes Co-Founder
  • „In the SoulPilot seminar, Dr. Till Noethel uses resources, knowledge and his own experiences from psychology, philosophy, spirituality and management. Driven by empathy, intuition and patience, this leads to insight, knowledge and deep experiences. Body, soul and mind are affected equally, enabling a holistic development of our potential.“

    Hubert Leiss Entrepreneur
  • „The 'space' created by the seminar allows the unfolding of creativity's full potential.“

    Diana T HR Manager
  • „Thank you for the great seminar! You can not imagine what you and your training have  already transformed in me.“

    Anea L. Photographer
  • „I am eternally grateful to have met you. I perceive your way of being and asking questions to be an enrichment for me.“

    Ines S. Certified social worker
  • „Till Noethel is a coach willing to say less and listen more, with great results. Paying careful attention to the energy and intent behind my words he was able to elicit more clarity from me about my work. In a matter of hours Till delivered lasting change, that I benefit from in my own work until now.“  

    Mo Riddiford Communication Coach
  • „I was in a situation of complete confusion about my working life, I couldn't  understand which kind of job would suit me and all that was causing dissatisfaction and unhappiness in my life. Immediately after my session with Till the energy block was quickly dissolved: without even looking for a job, I was offered a very well paid position and I like very much what I do. I think all of this is simply fantastic!!!“

    Alice Ninfea SPA Hostess
  • „Martin, through the work with you, I now can experience my feelings with a clarity and a flowing sensation that keeps going into deeper and deeper levels of my being. And this is clearly a result of your awareness and your openness towards anything that will be revealed, or that is still hidden - you encounter it with an open heart.

    Karsten D. Breathing and vocal teacher, Gestalt therapist
  • „It is pioneers like you, Till, who create the breakthroughs that lift our cultures and nations to new levels.“

    Martin Sage Founder of Sage University

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