The vision behind SoulPilot is a world in which we encounter each other in our full potential, in the highest possibility of our core SELF. In this world, we support each other with clarity, compassion and love, so that we can become exactly that for which we are here!

The mission, the contribution of SoulPilot to this vision lies in tracking down our deep knowledge about what we have to give in this life – we call it our calling, our purpose in life: to recognize this, to align your life with this inner call, and to bring it into the world. The moment we start living this inner calling, meaning and a nourishing fulfilment will accompany our everyday being.

Today we live in a time in which something really new has to transform our work and economy – and it will:

We humans no longer want to deny our inner nature when we work and earn money. 
We want to experience a deeper meaning and purpose behind our actions, and treat each other with compassion. We are looking for a harmony of inner values, world views, inclinations and opportunities to fully develop our potential.

But our current economic system still only rarely helps us to realise our highest potential for development and instead promotes fear, greed and power. For many, the most effective strategies are still “bigger is better”, “boldness before wisdom” and “everything for myself.” That is why they are copied day in, day out.

But what allows people to be truly inspired, unique, successful in a holistic sense, and above all, happy? It happens when this level of consciousness is transcended and the higher SELF is approached, allowing people to become the vibration of the potential they could already be today.



Dr. Till Noethel

Once we start living our purpose, our true calling, most people experience that the boundaries between professional and private life start to blur. Thus the vision behind SoulPilot is very personal to me, but might be felt by many other people. My contribution to bring us all closer to this vision is to do what I love and (as many say) also do best: to guide people through transformative seminars and coachings towards the realisation and implementation of their true calling. This is my intention behind the foundation of SoulPilot.

It is probably due to the formative years of my childhood and youth – I grew up in West Berlin with the wall surrounding us, only 2 km away – that an extraordinary interest and sense of the visions and possibilities within us started to develop. And it doesn’t matter whether the walls are solid or transparent. In addition, with an early interest in psychology, I developed finely tuned perceptual antennas for people’s unauthentic, conditioned behaviours and the (misleading) paths they choose – like the one I went down until my mid-thirties.

Today I am pursuing my second career. In my first career I worked as a successful and career-driven manager for 15 years (yes, exactly, the business travel in first class hotels around the world – the cars – the designer flat at the beach – the coveted job title) and enjoyed contributing world-famous enterprises such as Red Bull to become more successful. My personal mix of management- and psychology knowledge, curiosity, cleverness, creativity and a ‘yes!’ – attitude worked very well for a long time. But then, beneath the extrinsic success, an inner emptiness opened up, followed by a burnout – and a drastic turn took place in my life. I was ready for change and truly blessed to encounter and work with awake, inspiring teachers and masters. These encounters, as well as working with my later mentor and coaching instructor, have led me on the path of my deepest vocation.

Since 2007, I have been working as a transformational coach, trainer and teacher, and every year I support many people in the process of connecting to their higher SELF, their soul potential, and to make it possible for them to live their best possible future out of that place.

I have been trained and qualified in Integral Training & Coaching, Hi Performance Coaching, Transformation and Vision Coaching, Humanistic Psychology, Interpersonal Transparency, Transpersonal Psychology, NLP, Leadership (Self-Management & Soul Leadership), Active and Receptive Listening, Presence and Meditation Practice. I thus come from business, psychology and mysticism in equal measures. Accordingly, my seminars and my leadership style are influenced by this professionalism.

If you would like to contact me: till@soulpilot.org


Martin Böttcher

I have always been enthusiastic about getting to the bottom of things. Since focussing my interest on the connections of feeling, thinking and acting about 20 years ago, I have continued to take into consideration the deeper meaning behind everything.

My wish and concern is to help people to live their lives consciously and freely. This means to me that, first and foremost, to help them to be in a position where they can resolve limiting identifications. I have found that it is a core issue mostly, in which we feel deeply hurt and around which the various obstacles of our lives revolve.

I have been working as a professional medical practitioner for psychotherapy and coaching since 1998. In addition, I offer seminars and workshops. Based on a psychodynamic Gestalt therapy founded in depth psychology, my work is body- and process oriented.

An essential element of my work is awareness. Awareness helps to create a consciousness of how things will develop organically and on their own. I also train the people I work with in that respect.

After studying Athletic Science, I completed a broad range of therapeutic training and further education, including Gestalt and trauma therapy, body therapies (such as Somatic Integration, Esalen Massage) as well as imagination and hypnotherapeutic procedures, Shamanistic Techniques, Deep-Living-Process, (family) constellation set-up work and work in the field of awareness. With regards to my seminars for individuals and businesses, I teach and work on the subjects of mindfulness, awareness, appreciation, healing and personal development.

If you would like to contact me: martin@soulpilot.org


Tatjana Stapelfeldt

I have always felt the desire to have more personal freedom and to arrive at myself. I posed a lot of philosophical questions, studied the many approaches of Cultural Theory and graduated with a master’s degree in American Studies, Sociology and Ethnology. I developed a passion for photography and visual media and worked as a freelance picture editor for magazines such as Geo Saison. I travelled a lot in the world and explored various cultures with my camera – I even published my own photo stories.

But one day, I realised that I really wanted to touch people – in a way that allows them to be more of who they really are – directly and without a camera.

My life took a turn: I began to search within myself and acquired different methods of bodywork and meditation. At exactly the right moment, I discovered a profound somatic coaching method and absolutely wanted to learn this magical art, because for me the work is just that: The Art of Touching People`s Life through their body, not only on a physical level, but also on  emotional, mental and spiritual levels to create meaningful change.

Within the framework of SoulPilot and through Somatic Coaching, you can re-connect to your potential strength, passion, love and power. In individual sessions, you will learn how restrictive conditions are constructed in your body, and also, more importantly, experience how these are dissolving when allowing your flow of essence – thus gaining more freedom and clarity, which is what we need to unfold our professional potential and its implementation in life. Our goals become more concrete and often they will be achieved in a surprising manner once we start to use the physical level to tap into our potential for our inner calling and to live a fulfilling life.

Trained and certified in the Grinberg Method and in the evolved version of the Pantarei Approach – consisting of 3,5 years studies and training –  among other coaching and bodywork techniques. I have a deep fascination for the individual strength and essence of each person. My expertise and skill offer you deep transformation, achieving clear goals and growth beyond trauma. With joy, focus and clear leadership I create a unique, loving space, where change can happen naturally for each one of you.

If you would like to contact me: tatjana@soulpilot.org


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